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Shared this challenge by the Community Chest Singapore in support of Charity in the Park 2017 – a ComChest Signature Event jointly organised with Resorts World at Sentosa – and #SGCares – a national movement to involve and inspire more Singaporeans to help one another.

They set their Sign It Forward Campaign, a sign language activity aimed at equipping the public with key phrases so they may better interact with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please check this VIDEO out!

 Though we are not part of it, we unanimously support it by posting more videos on our social channels – Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

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MOVIE: Hush (2016)


Plot: A deaf writer is stalked by a killer at her home. (Source: Wikipedia)
More information is found at this link.

Released on Netflix only. This movie is a thriller. The character of a deaf writer was portrayed by a hearing actress who co-wrote this movie with her (hearing) husband. It does not have much deaf elements, such as sign language. If you love thrillers, you may watch it on Netflix.

FILM: The Tribe (Directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy)

Plot: While attending a boarding school for the deaf, a young man (Grigoriy Fesenko) joins a gang of criminals to become a thief and a pimp. (Source: IMDb)
More information is found at this link.

Grateful to the organisers of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015 for showing this provocative movie to public in Singapore this year. Some locations has access to English movies for Deaf, in form of English subtitles, like GV-Plaza Singapura, GV-Vivo City and GV-Jurong Point.

For the first time, the Tribe was being shown at the Projector without subtitles and voice-over. It does not need translation. Yesterday, I went to watch this movie. For I am Deaf, I was able to get 70% information from the movie. Perhaps, because of our Deaf culture. Our Sign Languages are different though.

I believe that the director wanted the movie plot to be more on criminal activities Deaf people in Ukraine do, instead of the deafness. Therefore, they are like you – the mainstreamed society. But why call it “The Tribe”? I assume that the deaf boy needs to join in the gang, rather called “the tribe”, in order to survive in the boarding school. He got to be involved in robbery and other activities. He then fell in love with one lady who is in the sex trade. A few explicit sex & violent scenes are involved in the movie. Before the story ended, he unwittingly broke the conformity in the tribe.

Thus, it is all about the group conformity for survival in a strange place.

I really enjoyed it though. I felt that it seemed that the main character of the deaf boy was insufficiently developed. But after all, it is a must-watch movie for those who are not deaf as it really played with our senses.

~ Lily Goh

THEATRICAL: TRIBES by Pangdemonium

Tribes Poster

ARTICLE: Pangdemonium’s Tribes is a warm, wickedly funny drama about deafness

“British playwright Nina Raine’s critically acclaimed text, which premiered at London’s Royal Court Theatre in 2010, is a clear-eyed look at one young man’s encounter with deaf culture after living with a prickly family that has shunned it since his birth in an attempt to make their son and brother as “normal” and well-adjusted as possible. He lipreads with great precision, and he doesn’t use sign language, relying on speech instead.”


Invited to the Gala Night last Saturday, as well as to watch the show with interpretation provided for Deaf. When I watched that “explosive” scene where Thomas argued with his family, it was heart-wrenching. Really close to our hearts. Anyway, I’m very grateful to Pangdemonium for the opportunity to teach/train Thomas Pang and Ethel Yap for 5 months since January 2015. Thomas and Ethel worked very hard to present their deaf characters very exceptionally well. I must applaud them and I’m proud of them.

We encourage you all to watch this fantastic show! Now showing at Drama Centre Theatre (Level 3, Central Library) till 7 June 2015. 8pm.

~ By Lily Goh