#ReturnMyCPF Rally leaders defend actions



PHOTOS obtained from the AsiaOne Singapore website


I decided to write this blog to express my thoughts on the behalf of Deaf performers, after reading the article on Hong Lim fracas: Rally leaders defend actions. I am not pleased!

Last Saturday, I was busy with the International Week of the Deaf event that was organised by the Singapore Association for the Deaf. In the meantime, the Deaf performers were performing their item at the YMCA Proms @ the Park. I was informed by one of them about the unfortunate situation. I then checked with the group, especially Rachel and Johnson who led the coordination. As what I understood, it was the unexpected incident. I was told that they were fine and they assured me.

Yesterday, I saw the photos related to #ReturnMyCPF. I became more concerned and I asked my hearing friend who performed with them last Saturday. He filled me in on that incident. I then messaged the group with words of encouragement. They did their good job though.

If not for those noisy protesters, they would be able to present their good performance. Their music would not be off their rhythms.

“We didn’t know what was going on on the stage,” he said – See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/hong-lim-park-fracas-rally-leaders-defend-actions-201409#sthash.JnPGZ3wQ.dpuf
This made me feel angry. Obviously, it was their excuse!

You can see those protesters in the photos. They had their loudspeaker, whistles and mic… OMG! So noisy!! How can we present our good performance together?!

If this incident happens like this and I perform with them as the leader, we won’t be able to perform together and we will go away. We really cannot perform well in a very loud, noisy environment, especially when we are Deaf. We worked very hard for this event and we will do our very best for our performance with one common goal – to promote awareness that Deaf indeed appreciates music in our way.

I believe that the team did their very best, despite the fact that we played off their rhythms. We did play for people (including supporters) who appreciate us better for our abilities, not our disabilities.

“The marchers, several of whom waved Singapore flags, paused in front of the stage, chanting and continued chanting “Vote them out, PAP” and “Return our CPF” just as a group of special needs children was about to start a dance item. The visibily shocked performers from the group Y Stars stopped briefly.”

After the Y Stars, it was our turn. Even worse, the protesters marched around the park for about FOUR times. Their defence is FAKE! They are VERY INCONSIDERATE!!

Luckily, we were not badly affected as we have our good teamwork. However, think of other people with disabilities, including children with special needs. They were indeed shocked and they needed a longer time to recover. The protesters should do in their allocated space! They shouldn’t go over to the other side, just to get attention.

Also, please do not use us as another “anyhow” excuse for #ReturnMyCPF!

~ By Lily Goh