Our pleasure to be part of this Spooktober 2014…

SADeaf Terp

KISS OCTOBER 2014   SPOOKTOBER was a success with our good friends, Lisa Loh & the ever-so-spooky-looking Lily Goh, who had kindly spent their time contributing their ideas and executing the one and only, KISS in October! On 31st October 2014, the session started with splitting of participants into two teams, FrankenSign & Zombified. While FrankenSign was led to the dark, dingy AVA room while Zombified stayed in 209 for a movie, Orphan. After FrankenSign completed their mission in the AVA room, the teams switched sessions and it became Zombified’s turn to get spooked.

By the way, here’s a glimpse of the film:

What happened in the AVA Room?

In the AVA room, participants were subjected to a game of Ouija and the room became completely unlit. In such darkness with a few faint light sticks lying around the room, participants were instructed to put on blindfolds and put on headphones (for…

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