FILM: The Tribe (Directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy)

Plot: While attending a boarding school for the deaf, a young man (Grigoriy Fesenko) joins a gang of criminals to become a thief and a pimp. (Source: IMDb)
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Grateful to the organisers of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015 for showing this provocative movie to public in Singapore this year. Some locations has access to English movies for Deaf, in form of English subtitles, like GV-Plaza Singapura, GV-Vivo City and GV-Jurong Point.

For the first time, the Tribe was being shown at the Projector without subtitles and voice-over. It does not need translation. Yesterday, I went to watch this movie. For I am Deaf, I was able to get 70% information from the movie. Perhaps, because of our Deaf culture. Our Sign Languages are different though.

I believe that the director wanted the movie plot to be more on criminal activities Deaf people inĀ Ukraine do, instead of the deafness. Therefore, they are like you – the mainstreamed society. But why call it “The Tribe”? I assume that the deaf boy needs to join in the gang, rather called “the tribe”, in order to survive in the boarding school. He got to be involved in robbery and other activities. He then fell in love with one lady who is in the sex trade. A few explicit sex & violent scenes are involved in the movie. Before the story ended, he unwittingly broke the conformity in the tribe.

Thus, it is all about the group conformity for survival in a strange place.

I really enjoyed it though. I felt that it seemed that the main character of the deaf boy was insufficiently developed. But after all, it is a must-watch movie for those who are not deaf as it really played with our senses.

~ Lily Goh