Invited to go on IG LIVE with Ngee Ann Polytechnic Hi! Club

Grateful to Ngee Ann Polytechnic Hi! Club for putting in efforts in promoting Deaf awareness:
1) Invited me to go on Instagram Live and share the topic on cultural appropriation
2) Engaging voluntary sign language interpretation service for the voice-over conversation
3) Captioning the video
4) Allowing the video to be shared on public social media channels

In summary, issues are highlighted in point form:
+ main target audience: Hearing/mainstreamed
+ saviour complex is developed, while aligning with the charity model.
+ encouraging hearing people to join deaf-led groups as many as you can: Deaf Hangout, Deaf Hiking Singapore, Deaf Singapore, EOH-OHANA, Sign With Us Club Singapore, and Singapore Deaf Gain.
+ encouraging them to learn Sign Language from deaf people (best recommended: those who know deaf studies and sign linguistics). Learning in the classroom-setting is not enough.