This Is Who I Am – UK & SINGAPORE

I am proud to announce the release of ‘This Is Who I Am’, a new digital theatre project I have been working on.

A truly international collaboration, eight artists with disabilities in the UK and Singapore imagine a world designed for everyone, from the truth of our lived experience.

From Singapore, we have Stephanie Esther Fam, Lily Goh, Ammar Ameezy, Alister Ong, Lim Lee Lee, and Nice, together with UK collaborators Nadia Clarke, Daniel Watts, Jeremy Goldstein and Jan Heyes from #londonartistsprojects from UK, and the #BritishCouncilSingapore.

Thanks to #SarahMeisch, Ker Lay Hong And Cherry Chan for putting this together. It is indeed my honour to be part of “#ThisIsWhoIAm”.

You can view the film for free

Starting today, it will make its rounds in the public libraries in Singapore. Should you happen to be in the Botanic Gardens, you can keep a lookout for the “This Is Who I Am” tree.


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