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Couldn’t care less


First Empower DeafSG – 12 April 2014

We’re pleased to inform you about our first community training program for Deaf only. It’s called Empower DeafSG. It is held every month, starting from 12 April 2014. It is open to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing only. The target age participation is 16 and above.
Its intended goals are:

  • Share knowledge about Deafness (of any topic – Leadership, Politics, Youth, Elderly, Education, Employment, so on)
  • Advocate about Singapore Sign Language
  • Learn other Sign Languages around the world, as well as sign linguistics
  • Another avenue to connect to Deaf communities in Singapore
  • Sharing sessions by different Deaf contributors

On 12 April 2014, 12 participants turned up at the event that took place at YMCA Studio B (located on the basement). Since it was the initiative by ExtraOrdinary Horizons, Lily was the first contributor and she started her presentation with the topics:

  1. Contributors: Lily Goh, David Ong, Jessica Mak
  2. Participants: Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing (those who have 55 decibels and above in their hearing loss)
  3. Schedule: Fridays or Saturdays evening (as discussed & agreed among the participants. YMCA and *SCAPE is the convenient & ideal place for the participants.)

There were group discussions on Deaf Singapore Facebook Group and Deaf Culture. The topic on languages is shared among the participants as what Lily learnt from Ms. Michele Bishop. She then shared about the advocacy of Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Its history was shared among them. Before the session was over, the participants shared++ words on technology in SgSL:

  • iPhone
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Apple/Mac
  • Facebook
  • Twitter/Tweet
  • YouTube
  • Wifi
  • Internet
  • SMS/Message
  • Video-call
  • Whatsapp
  • ST/M1/Starhub

++ These words were clearly meant to be for records whether they have their vocabulary sign. Some have their variations, while the others are not existent yet. Will share it with the LSC (of SADeaf) for their R&D.

Adding on, the next session will be on Deaf Culture (Education). It was informed that it is to be held on 31 May tentatively. Now, it is confirmed to be on this evening as there was the agreement between EO Horizons and *SCAPE upon quick discussion.

You can register with Eventbrite for this program at

LATEST UPDATE: Emails were sent to SADeaf, DHHFS, TOUCH Silent Club, selected schools and other organisations for the invitation to become the voluntary contributors. Also, their Deaf members & beneficiaries are welcome to be part of this training program.