Resources & Network in Singapore

Local Organisations in relation to d/Deafness

  1. Singapore Association for the Deaf
  2. Deaf Sports Association (Singapore)
  3. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Federation Singapore (DHHFS)
  4. TOUCH Silent Club (a service of TOUCH Community Services)

Local Aspiring/Start-up/Established Enterprises/Persons (Deaf Entrepreneurship, Employment & Allies for d/Deaf)

  1. Alvan Yap, a writer & editor
  2. Ammar “Ameezy”, a dancer
  3. Angela Chua, a makeup artist
  4. Artissophielam, an artist
  5. Deaf ArtsCraftsy
  7. Dignity Kitchen (an ally for the disabled & disadvantaged)
  8. Don8uri (a F&B social enterprise, co-founded by two advocates/partners; namely Wong Ailing & Sylvia Teng)
  9. Equal Dreams (an advocate for disability accessibility)
  10. FlyImpossible (archived as of Apr 2019)
  11. Foreword Coffee (an ally for differently-abled persons)
  12. Gophi Nathan*, a mime artiste
  13. Greenberry Cleaning & Concierge Services
  14. Hush TeaBar (an ally for Deaf, Hard of hearing & those with invisible disabilities)
  15. Isaac Liang Zhi Jie, an illustrator
  16. IssyShoots – Isabelle Lim, a photographer
  17. John Khoo*, an artist (SMS: 9649 0082)
  18. Kawaii Pets (Website:
  19. Ken Tan, a chef
  20. Mike Computer Enterprise (archived as of Nov 2018)
  21. OriLove
  22. Patsfield Services Pte Ltd*
  23. Peter Goh*, an owner/hawker of Lau Goh – Teochew Chye Thow Kway (Zion Riverside Food Centre)
  24. PUZZLES SG (an ally for Deaf & Hard of hearing)
  25. Ramesh Meyyappan, a Glasgow-based Singaporean & a theatre creator
  26. Sign a Taste of Vietnam Pho (opening soon in mid-December 2020)
  27. Siong Mo Tailor
  28. Stella Lok, a pastry chef (mainly cakes)
  29. Stephy Ng, a makeup artist
  30. Telelay, a start-up in Information & Communication technology
  31. Ziyue Chen, an illustrator

Local Religious Groups in relation to d/Deafness

  1. FCBC Deaf Ministry
  2. The Ministry of the Hearing Impaired
  3. Singapore Catholic Deaf Community
  4. Singapore Deaf Muslim Community

Singapore Sign Language

  1. SgSL Sign Bank

Local Interest Groups

  1. HI! Club (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), led by hearing
  2. Redeafination, a hip-hop dance club
  3. Regular Service Project for Deaf Community (renamed from RSPHI w.e.f. Aug 2016), in affiliation with SADeaf
    Regular Service Project for the Hearing Impaired (under NTU Welfare Services Club) (archived as of Aug 2016)
  4. SgSL Now! (Facebook Group managed by Deaf)
  5. Silent Dragon (Email:
  6. Singapore Deaf Youth Section (SDYS)
  7. SIT Sign Language Club, led by hearing
  8. SP Sign Language Club, led by hearing
  9. Social Group for the Deaf, under SADeaf

Local Organisations in relation to Disability

  1. Disabled People’s Association (Singapore)
  2. Professionals With Disabilities, a networking platform
  3. Singapore Business Network On Disability, a networking platform
  4. SG Enable

Local Aspiring/Established Persons with Disabilities

  1. Cassandra Chiu, a visually-impaired counselor
  2. Dawn-joy Leong, an autistic artist-researcher
  3. Toby Lim, a wheelchair-user tutor/academic
  4. Victor Tan, a visually-impaired sculptor
(* denote no website or social media channel(s) provided)